• Bree Bojdak

It's A New Year

Welcome to a brand new year! A fresh start, a new you, whatever you dream about, this is the universes way of turning over a new leaf for you.

Before you do anything:

Have a coffee and put on some upbeat music! It will change your mood instantly and make this process a lot easier.

  • Get a calendar! There are brilliant apps where it takes 5 minutes to drag your 12 favorite Instagram pics and create a calendar for 2018 for about $30 delivered!

  • Try Shutterfly or Apple!

  • Make some goals! Write them down. For each goal, write down 3 steps that you need to take to get you there!

  • Ditch the Social Media crap! If what is popping up on your feed is putting you in a mood that’s less than happy! Flick it! No questions! This is your year and don’t be afraid to offend someone that isn’t on your path!

  • Watch Mel Robins ‘5 second rule’ Video on Youtube! Or put on some Toni Robbins in the background! These guys will get you motivated!

  • Try a meditation app like ‘The insight Timer’ if your having a hard time getting settled into the year… it can be a lot to take on and guided meditations can be so helpful at any time of the day!

  • Do a brain dump! Get all the things in your head – out of there and see in front of you all the things that might be weighing on you, visualizing your thoughts is a very powerful tool.

  • Plan a holiday! Even if you can afford it right now or have no idea how you’ll get the time off! Just do it! The endorphin rush that you’ll get from thinking about it will propel you forward and manifestation is an amazing way of bringing dreams into reality!

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