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Top 5 For Humankind

As a child growing up in Sydney, I can still remember the sound of the television news starting of an evening. My mum would have it playing in the background before dinner, therefore I was constantly surrounded by it. However, It came to my attention that there was a common strategy used, where at the end of each news program they would add a ‘Fluffy’ story, ‘Fireman saves Kitten’ type stuff, just to make us all feel better after watching death and drama and accidents for the past 30 minutes.

Every Sunday one of us would stop into the milk bar to grab the Sunday Telegraph and 2 litres of ‘light white’ (making sure the TV Guide wasn’t missing). I would wake up on weekdays to the somewhat aggressive tone of 2UE blaring over the clock radio.

It was everywhere…

Now days you can access news from just about anywhere, on any device. Watching it is almost unavoidable, but lets not forget that each news program runs on ratings. Good stories sell, even when its not the whole truth.

After living internationally for many years, I lost touch with the local news from home and would simply source my news, whenI wanted it, rather than having it forced upon me everywhere I went. This allowed me the free will to choose what I see, what I fill my mind with and ultimately what thoughts then create my world. It granted me the free space to make up my own mind.

We become so accustomed to the ‘noise’ that we forget how to thrive in the silence. We become so ‘busy’ that we don’t give ourselves authorisation to just stop and breath. And we have become so reliant on the people who we believe know all of the details, that we subconsciously (sometimes consciously) let them dictate the direction of our lives.

The more ‘space’ I created for freedom of thought, the more room I had, to fill my mind with things I was passionate about. My thirst for knowledge became about us. Humans.

Our physical bodies and why they work, our mental state and why we are the way we are, our emotional wellness, spiritual growth and personal development and how to create balance amongst it all, to live an enriched life with limitless potential.

Screen time can be addictive but also plays an important roll in our development as humans – depending on what we choose to watch.

These are my top 5 Netflix documentaries, all revolving around a common theme of self compassion, kindness, mindset and hope.

Heal: ‘Scientists and spiritual teachers discuss how thoughts, beliefs, and emotions impact human health and the ability to heal.’

The Kindness Diaries: Leon Logothetis travels from Anchorage, Alaska in the thick of winter down to the Southern tip of Argentina, with only a vintage VW Beetle and the kindness of strangers, which he pays back in unexpected, inspiring ways.

The Call To Courage – Brene Brown: World renowned, Shame and Vulnerability researcher / storyteller Brené Brown compares vulnerability and courage and embraces her audience to take chance on ourselves.

The Secret: Based on the belief of the law of attraction, where thoughts can change a person’s life directly. I highly practical way to instantly change your mindset and your life in a moment.

I Am Maris: A teenage girl Tormented by anxiety, depression, and a life-threatening eating disorder, uses yoga to cope with her buried emotions. Real, raw and current for many girls and woman in todays society

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