All your Studio Phoenix questions answered.

What happens in the Phoenix Capsule?

The Phoenix Capsule functions just like a normal treadmill, however, the treadmill is covered by a chamber from the waist down. This chamber houses the innovative technology of a vacuum system that creates a low atmospheric pressure which you actively walk in. During your active walk the lower parts of the body, that are prone to stubborn pocket obesity, experience increased blood circulation and also an increase in temperature, which is a result of infrared heating technology to a safe level of up to 50 degrees. The blood is pulled into both the skin and fat layers by the vacuum and activated muscle tissue. This results in concentrated fat burning and fat reduction to take place in precisely the areas that are prone to cellulite and fat around the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. During normal training strategies fat cannot be lost due to the poor blood circulation in these areas.The body uses energy from fat reserves from areas of the body where the fat is most readily available, which is mainly the upper body in conventional exercise programs. The result from this, in women especially, is that when exercising you will slim down mainly around your chest, arms, shoulders and face, without losing fat and cellulite in the lower parts of the body. Without the Phoenix Capsule and its unique vacuum and infrared radiation system, the cellulite and fat prone areas on the hips, thighs and buttocks are not reached.
 When you actively walk within the Phoenix Capsule your lower body and stubborn fatty areas are instantly put into an environment that overrides your body’s normal fat burning behaviors and preferences, forcing your body to rapidly burn fat and eliminate cellulite from the stomach down.

What causes cellulite and fat build up?

A large percentage of the population are unknowing sugar burners. Due to modern lifestyle and dietary behaviors we have actually “taught” our body to thrive on sugar. When you have trained your body to run on sugar for energy due to poor nutrition, poor sleep, increased stress, and increased toxic loads from the environment your body is effected in a way where it is unable to harness fat efficiently to power your metabolic machinery. This results in a vicious cycle and locks you in sugar burning hell in which leaves that stubborn fat sitting on your stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. Being a sugar burner also results in a rapid increase in two main culprits that heavily compromise your body’s ability to burn fat, which are inflammation and oxidative stress. These twin metabolic destroyers cause major harm to the body, causing it to “rust” from the inside and set off fires everywhere damaging cell membranes, fat burning hormone receptors on the cell walls, rapidly increase aging and are known factors in chronic disease.Women Specific:80% of women will experience stubborn cellulite and fat in common problem areas in their lifetime around the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks. Women experience cellulite because their connective tissue is actually structured differently to that of men and is less supportive. Increase in fat tissue mass causes it to press through the connective tissue and thus giving the orange peel or dimple effect. Factors including genetics, hormones and nutrition and as well as increased water retention leads to an enlargement of fatty tissues in the cellulite prone areas around the stomach, the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Why is cellulite and fat removal so difficult from your stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks?

It is the accumulation of fat in these problem areas and the resulting reduction in the supplied oxygen, nutrition and blood circulation to the fat and skin that makes it extremely difficult to burn off fat when using conventional methods of exercise. It isn’t just an issue of poor circulation however as discussed previously if you are a sugar burner your body cannot effectively harness fat to burn in order to power you metabolic machinery from these problem areas. The solution for burning off fat and eliminating cellulite is a complex issue that Studio Phoenix overcomes. The use of our Phoenix devices and our services to address the 5 pathways of fat burning. It involves detoxification to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, increased blood circulation, increased lymphatic drainage, reduction in stress, improving sleep pattern, improved nutrition, improving the health of your stomach bacteria and this covers a small spectrum of what we take into consideration.It is critical to understand the unique connection between blood circulation, fat loss and exercise. During exercise your body temperature of the problem areas around the lower body decrease due blood flowing into the working muscle tissue and away from the skin. The upper body however experiences normal circulation in which the temperature increases as long as the exercise increases. When muscles tissues requires energy from fat cells, it will be provided by the areas of the body that has increased blood circulation where blood is available as a transport medium. This is why it is commonly noticeable that the upper body with tone up and the stubborn areas of pocket obesity and cellulite around the stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks remain. This is why the unique combination of infrared heating and vacuum therapy within the Phoenix capsule from the waist down overrides the body’s natural behavior, pulling blood towards the skin and into the problem fatty areas and using these fatty acids as the energy supply for the working muscle tissue, which burns for an extended 4-6 hours after your session.

How long is each training session in the Phoenix Capsule?

Sessions are 30 minutes for optimum results.

Why is the Phoenix Capsule so effective in burning fat and eliminating cellulite?

Even if you are a sugar burner and have poor circulation, when actively walking in the Phoenix capsule your lower body is in an environment that forces the fatty acids in these problem areas to be utilized and burned for energy. This is due to the Phoenix capsule’s unique combination of infrared heating and vacuum therapy technology. During your active walk under a low atmospheric pressure you are more than just exercising the muscle tissues. Your body is exposed to many different changes that ultimately lead to a body that thrives on burning fat, this includes:Increasing the blood supply and circulation to skin, fat and cellulite the lower body. An increase in your metabolism and cellular activity due to an increased supply of blood, nutrients and oxygen to these areas. Rapidly detoxing the body to reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, glycation and free radicals that keep you locked in sugar burning hell and heavily compromise the body’s ability to access and burn fat.Improving lymphatic drainage. As a byproduct of the reduction of inflammation and oxidative stress the health of your gut bacteria increases.

Do I have to train hard within this time frame?

No, training under vacuum pressure is designed to be non-demanding to reduce any stress on the body, and only requires a moderate intensity walk.

How often should I exercise in the Phoenix Capsule?

For best results it is recommended you attend three Phoenix sessions per week for the initial period of eight weeks. This will allow for the body to: Rapidly reduce fat and cellulite from your problem areas. Reduce the toxic load of the body and heavily reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and glycation which will help your body become a fat burner instead of relying on sugar for energy supply. Improve the health of your cell membranes and hormone receptors so your hormones fat burning messages can be transported through cells effectively.Improve the health of your mitochondria which are your body’s power houses for creating energy and are ground zero for fat burning. After this time just one to two sessions a week will stabilize your achieved results. More importantly will continuously allow for detoxification and your body to maintain the highest level of health and vitality. Also during this time you will have full access to Studio Phoenix’s services and information to turn your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner, which we address the 5 powerful metabolic pathways to optimal fat burning.

What effects and results can I expect?

If you have tried and failed to lose fat and cellulite from stubborn areas Studio Phoenix is your solution. Our Phoenix capsule is specifically designed to target the problem areas, burn fat and eliminate cellulite from the waist down. In a clinical study results showed that average fuel consumption of fat during an active walk within the Phoenix capsule was around 76% higher than that during exercise on a standard treadmill. During Phoenix sessions women lose three times more on their thighs than conventional training. For women who store excess water, you will notice a large reduction in water retention. Using the Phoenix capsule and services your body will be transformed from having a metabolism that barely limps along burning sugar to a body that thrives on fat to power its metabolic machinery. Not only will this happen but you will have gone through a detoxification process that eliminates heavy metals, reduces inflammation, reduces oxidative stress, limits free radicals, and increases the health of your mitochondria which are ground zero for fat burning. Maintaining a healthy diet and limiting your exposure to heavy metals and toxins will allow your body to stay in this fat burning environment.

What do I need?

Wear comfortable exercise clothing and training shoes as you will be walking on a treadmill. Bring a water bottle and a towel. You should not exercise in tight trousers or leggings as this restricts circulation which is exactly what the Phoenix capsule is trying to increase. This may also cause inflammation of your lymphatic system.

During the treatment you should:

During your session you should drink about 500ml. The purpose of exercising is not to dehydrate your system but provide the necessary stimulus for burning fat tissue.


You should not use the Phoenix capsule if you suffer from - Heart disease - Diabetes - Epilepsy - Pregnant - Circulatory diseases - Serious rheumatic diseases - Problems with blood vessels - Acute infectionsInflammation of veins