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It's Physics, Brenda...Look It Up!

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Manifesting and the Law of Attraction might sound a little left field for you or maybe you’re just not into that sort of thing.

Well, buckle up because you might just learn that you are better at manifesting than you realise and that the universe has been waiting for you to pull your finger out and release your full potential.

So what is it if it's not witchcraft? Manifesting is simply believing something before you see it. I mean really believing, like it’s already a reality.

Let's say that you want a new car for example;

You know what your new car feels like to drive, you know the colour and the way its going to smell and where you’re going to park it. You’ve even worked out how the dog is going to get in and out. You can actually visualise yourself driving it.

Now this car might be a long way off, you may have another $10k to raise, maybe you need to sell your old one first. There is ALWAYS going to be logistical steps, excuses and hurdles in the way of what you want. Manifesting is about putting those to the side, letting them go and having 100% faith that what you desire is out there and is on its way to you.

Imagine there is a path between you and what you want… all the reasons to fail are boulders along the way. Remove the boulders and clear the path to allow the universe clear access to deliver your desire to you. Let the world know that you are ready and open to receive.

When you do this… and honestly DO THIS, opportunities will start to present themselves. You start to see that car everywhere you go. A friend mentions that they know someone looking for the exact car that you’re selling. Perhaps you receive a bonus at work that is just the amount you need to get your loan and the timing of the new buyer works in perfectly with this.

When things are right – they fall into place… that’s not coincidence – its called synchronicity.

When you funnel your positive energy, (and everything is energy) into something so wholly and completely. Believe that you have it and that the car is already parked in your driveway… doors will start to open for you that will pave a path to take, that will get you to your new car. Maybe not tomorrow and most certainly not whilst if your sitting around kicking the tyre of your old car and cursing your life.

Manifesting is about positive energy being channeled into the direction that you choose. And YOU choose the direction.


The Law of Attraction:

Ask any physicist – like attracts like. So if you get up in the morning with a negative mindset, look at crap on your phone that puts you in a shitty mood, start a fight with the family, running late and unorganised, your energy is negative from the start – and chances are things don’t get better form there.

You attract what you put out – So spread love, be positive and when your in a funk, fake it till you make it. Raise your frequency to the highest level of positivity and you will receive positive energy back at you.

Sometimes that’s hard for sure, but here are a couple of great ways to feed your subconscious with positive thoughts, drown out the negative and give you a step in the right direction:

  • Remove any negative social media handles from your feed.

  • Follow a bunch of new positive ones and fill your feed with things that lift your mood.

  • Don’t watch the news! If its super important – you’ll hear about it.

  • Listen to new music that has no memories. Unless they are super positive.

  • Find three things each day that you are grateful for and write them down each morning.

“If you can see it in your mind. You can hold it in your hand”

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