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Get Motivated!

Let's go to a place we are all familiar...

Spring comes along, drawing the end of a cold winter that we spent covering up with jeans, boots and hoodies. Before we know it, we’re putting our sunglasses on to reflect the pasty skin we’ve been hiding away for 5 months and who can forget, our new layer of ‘stuffing’ that came along with the winter blues.

Research has shown that just 8% of us actually follow through with our new years resolutions… that’s a whopping 92% falling off the bandwagon!

With Summer upon us and a new year close by, it’s a great opportunity for us to at least TRY to get motivated, but as many of us have experienced year after year and the stats show, once the punch and party pies start flowing, around early December, motivation and discipline gets kicked too the curb and is hard to get back again.

So, how to get & stay motivated this Summer?

Get in early

Don’t wait till a week before your first Christmas get together to try on your favourite summer clothes and “hope for the best”. Start now, take an hour out of your day to make a plan of how your going to tackle the silly season… take a few of the tips below and get started.

Start right NOW!

“after my holiday” “next week” “when my partner goes back to work” “after school holidays” all excuses that we can get around. If you cant do everything you want to right this moment, then at least start with something and let it roll on from there as soon as you can.

Stay accountable

If your serious about getting serious this time… hold yourself accountable by letting others know, people you don’t want to let down.

Get a support network

We become most like the 5 people with whom we spend our time… so choose carefully. If the company you keep enjoys night after night of drinking, eating crappy food, smoking, not investing time in themselves… it becomes real hard for you to break out and get on a health kick. So find some people who motivate you and start spending more time with them!

Interact on Social media

People often say to me, I inspire them, either in person or online and its honestly one of the most wonderful compliments. I’m just doing what I love and I’m helping people be better versions of themselves.

Every second person on social media claims to be some kind of fitness model, but there are plenty of everday people that you admire and follow, that would love to hear that because of them, you decided to make a change. Encouragement from someone you look upto can be so powerful – step out of your comfort zone and touch base with some of those people.

And let their journey be the encouragement you need to start yours.

Find pictures of a time when you were really happy and put them up somewhere visible

Visualisation is a powerful tool. Study’s have shown that the brain patterns that are achieved when doing an exercise are similar to those achieved when imagining doing the same exercise. So get your thoughts in the right place.

Looking at Photos of yourself with people you love, places that made your heart sing and in a body that you felt comfortable can be a very strong tool in manifesting the place you want to get back too.

Change get-togethers to an activity, not coffee or lunch.

As often as you can, go for a walk, take a class or bring your mates into Phoenix and train together as you catch up, rather than adding to your daily intake of calories just to have a chin wag .

The power of positive thinking

  • Take a whiteboard marker

  • Think of 5 things you love about people that inspire you

  • Write them on your vanity mirror

  • Look at them everyday

  • Take action daily to become those things!

  • Create a vision board

Manifestation is a scientifically proven method, physics and the law of attraction works in so many ways and in every aspect of your life. The more we think about something, the likelihood of it appearing increases… not without the effort of course, but we become what we think about… so think positive, don’t just pretend

Put some monetary value to it

When people sign up for a challenge, get a PT, a new membership at a gym, they put value on their health because they have paid for it and feel they need to use it. This is often a great first step.

Coming into Christmas, loads of places will be having deals for the holidays, including us! So keep an eye out and don’t be afraid to ask what’s available.

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