The latest in vacuum and infrared technology for proven targeted fat burning and cellulite elimination. Fast, effective & real results.



Unlike conventional exercise and body-sculpting techniques, Studio Phoenix is able to guarantee fat tissue elimination from problem areas such as the waist, hips, thighs or buttocks via spot reduction.

The average fuel consumption of fat during a 30 minute session on our Phoenix treadmill is 76% higher than exercise on a standard treadmill. The capsule forces your body to burn fat from the stomach down, and continues to burn fat for 4-6 hours after your workout.

Infrared heating causes rapid detoxification, lowering the toxic load of the body. Phoenix machines have infrared heating technology and emit infrared heat to a safe level of up to 50 degrees. 

The heat penetrates the skin by up to 4cm, and is absorbed by the body, warming it and dilating blood vessels to cleanse deep tissue toxins.

Active walks on the Phoenix machine cleanses your skin nd subcutaneous tissues of harmful toxins. Detoxification delays the ageing process, and increases health and firmness.





Sessions on a Phoenix Machine will increase your day-to-day energy levels as your body reduces its toxic load, inflammation and oxidative stress. 

Reducing inflammation and oxidative stress improves the health of your mitochondria which are your body's powerhouses for creating energy and ground zero for fat burning. Our machines convert your body from sugar burning to fat burning in a powerful metabolic shift that increases your energy!

During regular exercise, the upper body rather than lower body experiences normal circulation so is the preferred source for supplying fatty acids. Lower body fat layers are thicker, compromising blood circulation. 

Phoenix machines use vacuum technology to override the body's natural behaviours. The heat and vacuum combination activates and increases the circulation process in the lower body, forcing the body to utilise lower body fatty acids, targeting these areas.