• Bree Bojdak

Let Food Be Our Medicine

My “aha moment” that propelled me head first into the health and fitness industry took place about 8 years ago when I watched a TED talk by Dr. Terry Wahls. She was diagnosed with crippling degenerative MS and fell ill to the point she was only mobile in a recumbent wheelchair, after courses of the prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. After deciding to take things into her own hands she began researching the latest medical dialogs in hope to find something more enlightening.

She did.

What she discovered was that by fuelling her body and mitochondria (brain matter) with the nutrients found in the foods we can find at our local supermarkets, she was able to not only stop the degenerative process, but reverse her condition to the point where she gained her mobility, brain power strength and her life back.

This story has been in the forefront of my mind for many years and just recently it touched home for me.

I visited a close friend who was diagnosed nearly 5 years ago with motor neurons disease, a degenerative disease of the musculoskeletal system. After being diagnosed, he too took the prescribed drugs.

Much like Whals, he was more than dissatisfied and after just 6 weeks and gaining excessive weight, he turned to natural therapies. Over the years, his condition has depleted at a slow but somewhat steady rate and is now mobile only in a motorised chair. With this most recent visit what I saw was not only surprising, but heartwarmingly positive.

I walked in the front door to see him sitting upright and smiling. Leaner than before and his skin was glowing, his head was held high in his chair, his speech still slow, but his attitude was positive as we spoke about his exercises and the way that he was starting to regain the strength in his legs once again… generally unheard of in this type of disease.

His search for natural therapies had led him to a holistic dietitian who has him following a diet written by Dr. Wahls. High in organic vegetables, leafy greens and void of all toxins and processed foods and replacing things like coffee, with tumeric lattes to assist in inflammation.

Probiotics, nutrient dense foods and natural therapies with chiropractic methods have been the sol change.

Its no secret that eating better makes us feel better, but so often we wait until we have no other choice, until we start to make a change. If we can reverse such chronic diseases such as what we are now seeing, just think about how much more amazing life would be if we nourish our bodies this way before we get to this point.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Wahls or her life changing protocol, I strongly suggest following the link below and reading her story in full.


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