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Kicking Habits

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Running a fat loss & detoxification business. Living in 2018. And spending so much time health coaching and communicating with people worldwide, over Facebook. I soon realised that I was wasting a ridiculous amount of time each day on Social Media…

So much so that I was missing out on some of the things I love, like reading and learning, but I just couldn’t seem to break the habit.

So I created a new one to ‘crowd it out’. I started to download audiobooks, low and behold, I went through 4 books in 2 weeks and my productivity levels soared!

This little ‘Swap’ has lead to a new realm of organisation throughout the day, brought me back to reading paper books before bed and made my car trips into one big nerdy learning experience.


habit /hab·it/ (hab´it)

  1. an action which has become automatic or characteristic by repetition.

  2. A routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.

I want to start by saying that not all habits are bad. I am, however, going to press on those that ARE negative and how to go about changing them in 3 easy steps.

We all have habits, from the way we brush our teeth and answer our phones to ones that create our lifestyle and personality and ultimately shape us into the person we are.

With this being said… If we don’t like something – why not just change it?

Laziness, addiction, peer or external pressure or simply that you don’t know how. Sometimes the roots of what we want to change or need to change are deep and integrated, but I assure you that when you start chipping away at it, you will be instantly better off – even if you have to dig up and throw out a lot of old roots to let some new ones grow!

So where do you start?

Work out what it is that triggers your habit.

Every trigger falls into usually one of these categories:

- A specific time of day

- A certain place/environment

- In the company of particular people

- An emotion

So start by assessing what your triggers are.

Swap it out

You’ve worked out your triggers so now you can find ways to swap the habit for something better. Keep your new swap in line with what your goals are.

Take my example of ditching the Social media addiction –I have a passion for holistic health, metaphysics and spiritual growth and I love to read nerdy books about gut health or the universe, but I was wasting too much time perusing through crap on social media.

My swap to Audiobooks not only allowed me to flick a bad habit, but at the same time, re-introduce a new one which is totally in line with what I love.

Take this classic example I have heard from clients for years; If you are in the habit of eating chocolate, in front of the TV, after dinner, rather than stopping watching TV if that’s not your goal… think about swapping the chocolate for a pot of tea – this will keep your mind and hands occupied whilst you relax.


Make yourself accountable for your actions. Tell your family, get a coach, write it on your whiteboard, announce your progress…. Whatever it is, grab a mate and let them know they have the right to kick your butt back into gear if you start to sway off track.

Consistency is key with anything and breaking and creating new habits is no exception. So keep at it! Studies widely show that it takes a minimum of 21 days to break an old habit, others say 66 days.

Realistically and all the sciencey stuff aside, if YOU want to make a change in your life, allow yourself to stay consistent for 2 months.

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